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1 « PODIUM – EXHIBITION » semitrailer

Registered in 2010.


Please don't hesitate to read the complete article for more information.


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Manufactured by toutenkamion in polyester sandwich panels.


Low-clearance semitrailer:

  • GVM: 24 tons.
  • Steel chassis with high mechanical resistance E 36-3.
  • Telescopic jacks, hydraulic parking.
  • Pneumatic suspension.
  • Two rigid axles certified CEE standards.
  • Breaking circuit CEE standards.
  • 2 axles ROR.
  • ABS 2 channels.
  • 8 tyres 215/75 R 17,5. CONTINENTAL
  • 1 spare wheels 
  • Electricity and signals compliant with the French Highway Code.
  • Rear lights 5 functions.
  • Rear underrun protection CEE certified.


Bodywork equipped with:

  • Length: 13,800m
  • Width: 2,550m
  • Height: 3,980m
  • A welcoming area of 22sqm, equipped with:
    • a large demonstration space
    • two closed storage columns 
  • A scene of 22sqm protected by an awning. 
  • A living area of 10sqm, equipped with:
    • a lab bench with a sink 
    • a worktable forming a counter
    • a high table
    • high stools
    • high and low storage cabinets
    • a light ramp 
  • 1 side awning to protect the scene
  • A sliding platform to increase the volume of the welcoming area with a sliding stairways access
  • A stairways access on the front side
  • An emergency door with a stairways from the living area 
  • Plastic storage lockers in the subframe
  • Floor coating in polyester


Equipment :

  • Loudspeakers
  • Spot ramp
  • Neon light ramp
  • DVD/CD HDMI player, a matrix, a console and an amplifier
  • LCD screen 40"
  • Fridge
  • 3Kva power generator
  • Connexion to mains
  • Distribution 230V , lightings and sockets
  • Reversible a/c system
  • Hydraulic deployment system (jacks and awning)
  • 50L clean water tank and sewage


Manufactured by toutenkamion, these almost new bodyworks should also offer many different possibilities in terms of arrangement and modifications.


Price subject to negociation according to the arrangements and possible modification work.


Please don't hesitate to contact us:


phone: 33 (0)2 38 95 50 59