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For sale

Cinemobile 80 seats

Registered in December 2013.


The Cinemobile is not only available for sale but also for rent


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Registered in December 2013.


Manufactured by toutenkamion in polyester sandwich panels:


  • ADOC NARDEAU chassis
  • 2 axles on MERITOR air suspension.
  • Harness height 1,20 m
  • 8 wheels 235/75R17,5 CONTINENTAL or MICHELIN brand.
  • EBS
  • Compliant with European Highway code


Bodywork equipped with:

  • An entrance SAS and its sales counter,
  • An heated and air-conditionned projection room including a digital projector, audio amplifiers, multimedia servers and various storage places,
  • A movie theatre of 80 seats.



  • 80 to 100 seats from QUINETTE GALLAI strictly identical to those installed in traditional fixed movie theatres,
  • Digital projection equipment, 3D, 2K compliant to cinematic rules,
  • Dolby Surround Sound,
  • Projection screen up to 4,7m wide,
  • Reinforced sound-insulation,
  • Reversible Air-conditioning,
  • Heating floor,
  • Electric installation compliant with NFC 15-100,
  • Connection to 400 volts three-phased network,
  • Wheelchair access,
  • Outside accesses securing,
  • Compliant with the French public -access building rules,
  • Autonomy possible through a power generator,
  • Connection to public mains also possible,
  • LED inside and outside lighting, 
  • 230V supplying, lightings and plugs. 


Manufactured by toutenkamion, these almost new bodyworks should also offer many different possibilities in terms of arrangement and modifications. 


Price on demand.


Please don't hesitate to contact us:

phone: 33 (0)2 38 95 50 59